TQFF 2022

March 31 – April 3, 2022

Close your eyes and dream of the future. What do you see? Is it a world full of technological advances? Indigenous sovereignty? Space and time travel? Afro-futurism? Cycles of plagues and climate change? 

It is a part of human nature to wonder what’s next? What is coming and how is our world going to continue to shift with time. We continue to ponder and analyze the possibilities and as our imaginations flow it brings forward dreams and visions. We strive to highlight the voices of queer, trans, 2 Spirit identities and to have this space for expression and community. Queer Futurisms explores the queer perspectives of the future in various inspirations and ways of exploration. 

We will be presenting three features that explore Queer Futurisms in their own way and will be followed by a Q&A with the director.

We strive towards a future where there is change, growth, revolution, connections and community. We have several programs lined up that envision a future through various lens.

The future’s not set. We can still grow, evolve, create, explore and love. We have the ability to create change and a future that we can all find space filled with warmth and care within each other. 

Come dream with us and explore what the possibilities of the future are through our selection of films. We hope you enjoy this year’s festival!

Stay tuned for updates!