TQFF 2022

April 22 – April 24, 2022

“Speculative fiction and films are a way of giving others dreams, especially dreams about the possibilities of our future as LGBTQ people.” – Jewelle Gomez, Keynote Speaker, TQFF 2022

Toronto Queer Film Festival is proud to present this years Symposium, Queer Futurisms. Since 2019, TQFF has hosted a Symposium that invites artists, scholars, writers, and community workers to host workshops, panels, presentations, performances, and other free programming for the public.

This year, in alignment with the theme of Queer Futurisms, programs in the Symposium explore the future possibilities of 2Spirit, Queer, and Trans existence with artists, writers, and scholars who dream of vast possibilities for all of us through their art, storytelling, and grassroot community work. The Queer Futurisms symposium create spaces for artists, critics, and audiences to continue in future-making work, and to celebrate the foundational work of Black, Indigenous, POC, Disabled, Neurodivergent, HIV+, Queer, Trans, and 2Spirit writers, filmmakers, artists, theorists, scholars, and activists.

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