Welcome to TQFF 2022! A lineup of truly outstanding films, videos, workshops, and presentations awaits you.

Close your eyes and dream of the future. What do you see? Is it a world full of technological advances? Cycles of plagues and climate catastrophe? Indigenous sovereignty? Afro-futurism? Space and time travel?

While we face tremendous uncertainty as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its third year, climate catastrophe accelerates, and wars rage across much of the globe, we turn to the ongoing, rich history of 2 Spirit, queer, and trans artistic, scientific, political, and economic work for guidance on how to not just survive, but to thrive.

Colonialism and capitalism maximize their extractive capabilities by isolating us, by destabilizing our relations, with each other and the land and water. We empower ourselves and disrupt the relentless extraction of capitalism and colonialism by connecting, enjoying, and dreaming of possible futures where all life and care for each other are prioritized, not profits and power.

The flow of our imaginations brings dreams and visions. With this year’s programme, we present three features that explore our theme of Queer Futurisms in their own unique way: April Lin’s (Tending) (to) (Ta) is a mind-bending work of speculative fiction that follows an exchange of letters between two protagonists who imagine one another across parallel dimensions; Harjot Bal’s Sailor Moon Rated R: The promise of his rosebud is a post-2020 fandub of the iconic 90s anime Sailor Moon, rewritten as a dark comedy that focuses on issues related to queer people, women, and people of colour; and Angelo Madsen Minax’s North by Current is visual rumination on the understated relationships between mothers and children, truths and myths, losses and gains.

We continue to work to build our festival into a space for connecting and dreaming together. With our programming, TQFF strives to create space for change, growth, revolution, resistance, connections, and community. Highlights from our short film selections include the program “Movement Over Borders,” which navigates themes of dislocation, memories and new homes. Nahyeon Lee’s Nathan Joe: Homecoming Poems stands out in it’s exploration of the duality of homeland and hometown through stunning visuals and poetic reflections. “Virtually Queer” invites us to reflect on digital futures and the influence of technology. Lookout especially for James Elinski’s Pillow Talk, a film that explores the online dating scene with an unusual new interface.

Thank you so much to all of you for attending and participating in our events, for your ticket purchases and donations, to the artists for making and screening your work, to all the presenters and workshop instructors for sharing your stories and knowledge, to all our community partners for your support, and to all the TQFF staff, film selection committee, and board members for the brilliant and amazing work you do.

Come dream with us and explore the possibilities of the future.

With all our love and care,

Kami Chisholm
Artistic Director

Nishina Loft
Programming Coordinator