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Building on theorist Hito Steyerl's bracing 2009 essay of the same name, Cut looks at how cinema and the assembly line both cut the body in new ways, organizing newly urban work forces. Cut is a dreamy collage essay made of scraps and fragments, with asides from Susan Sontag on Disney fascism and Paul B. Preciado on the cost of living in a body.

Canada68 min


ESTUARIES is set in Los Angeles in 2017, months after a car crashed through the front window of a Los Angeles art space, killing Bdalak, a rising nonbinary performance artist. Bdalak’s partner Eli, a queer Mizrahi musician with a past as an activist in Palestine, had planned on marrying them for a greencard, but now spends his time adrift, communing with others over his grief and struggling with his visa. He soon meets Myrna, an artist making work about immigration, who he feels can help with his precarious situation. In this workshop, Robin Gaudreau will lead participants in learning about how to edit a Kiki Wiki. Kiki Wiki is a website with the mission of documenting the balls and the people that have made the Kiki ballroom what it is in Toronto. This workshop is a moment for people to learn how to edit a Wiki page, and to come together to collaborate on this digital archiving process.

Canada100 min

Sailor Moon Scandalous - PSPSPS: I love you

Harjot Bal’s second in a series of Sailor Moon satires is a post-2020 parody fandub of the iconic 90s anime. Bal’s Sailor Moon is rewritten as a dark comedy that breaches issues related to queer folx, women, and people of colour. This parody series, created for marginalized people by marginalized people, features Luna struggling to find meaning outside of her thankless job of managing the Sailor Scouts. Desperate to reclaim her “womanhood,” Luna falls head over paws in lust with a toxic man who is sabotaging his relationship with a renowned Latinx woman astronaut. Meanwhile, an icy villainess descends on Earth, unleashing harsh snowstorms fitting for a company Christmas party that will hopefully earn her a well-deserved promotion.

Canada60 min

The Last Image

Benedito Senna is blind. He moved from the Brazilian city of Belém to France, where he fell in love with and married Jean Luc, who is somewhat his eyes and a devoted reader of his poems. In Paris, he meets another Benedito, a film director who is also Brazilian and gay. Their friendship begins with an exchange of videos and voicemails, and their passion for images reunite them years later to make a movie. As they set out to shoot, however, they realize things are no longer the same and differences arise.

Canada71 min