TQFF 2023

March 23 – April 23, 2023

At TQFF 2023, a selection of truly outstanding films that tell inspiring stories and push the boundaries of queer art awaits you.
This year, we are witnessing large scale catastrophes unfolding at an alarming rate, from war, global economic crises, climate collapse, colonization, pandemics, crumbling public health and healthcare, and policing to the mundane destruction of life and livability caused by the effects of capitalism. But until the day we exist no more, we are here to showcase stories that, while not ignoring these existential threats, show us new ways of living, changing, and pushing towards a queer/trans oasis. We will never stop exploring queer dreams, worlds, and futures where we can thrive.
In our 2023 Queer Wonderland, we present four feature films. Lior Shamriz’s Estuaries follows Eli, who turns to the friends of his recently deceased partner for help with his immigration status with mixed results. Mike Hoolboom’s Cut is a dreamy collage essay film made of scraps and fragments of internet media to examine how both cinema and the assembly line cut the body. In Harjot Bal’s Sailor Moon Scandalous: Pspsps I Love You, a post-2020 fandub of the iconic 90s anime Sailor Moon, Luna struggles to find meaning outside of her thankless job of managing the Sailor Scouts. And Benedito Ferreria’s The Last Image offers a reflection on the concept of the image and its place in the life of a blind man.
Come frolic and dance with us across and through these Queer Wonderlands!
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