Toronto Queer Film Festival 2022

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away… human beings from planet earth were looking to draw inspiration from us! They had visions of future times with flying cars and Robo dogs, but what do these visions have to offer them regarding human rights, gender, land back and the environment? This is what TQFF will explore!

Welcome to Toronto Queer Film Festival 2022 ~ Queer Futurisms.   TQFF 2022 will evolve around our milky way, presenting works that draw inspiration from or function within AfrofuturismIndigenous futurismtechnology, Sci-Fi, prophecies, projections and predictions. Tune into TQFF 2022! 

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London-Ontario-003-DAWOUD YA YONATHA
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London-Ontario-004-LAND TRUST
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TQFF X Queer Cinema for Palestine!

Check out our tech collaboration with QCP!

Toronto Queer FIlm Festival empowers Queer Cinema for Palestine by providing its tech platform for streaming, video on demand and webinar for its events.

At TQFF we believe in empowering our communities and connecting them to join QCP in solidarity with Palestine!

Queer Cinema for Palestine (QCP) will open its virtual and physical doors this November for a collectively-curated 10-day film festival celebrating global queer realities and standing in solidarity with Palestinians.

QCP will run from 11-20 November and host more than a dozen events across five continents, both online and in person. QCP is a first-time global queer solidarity initiative that offers a vibrant space using art and culture to oppose the ongoing violence of Israeli apartheid.


Who we are

The Toronto Queer Film Festival is a collectively-run, artist-centered, not-for-profit festival that showcases contemporary, innovative, queer and trans film and video art.

We are especially interested in supporting formally experimental films and/or social justice-themed projects that center the experiences of Indigenous people, people of color, people with disabilities, transgender people, sex workers, porn makers, and other communities often marginalized in contemporary LGBT cultural programming and spaces.