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Our fabulous Food Knows No Borders team is now making weekly deliveries of free food boxes and PPE across the GTA.
Food Knows No Borders is a mutual aid program run collaboratively by TQFF and Vivimos Juntxs, Comemos Juntxs for all undcomented folx, Indigenous people, and queer/trans/2S people in the GTA that is structured on principles of decolonization and building solidarity among communities that our arbitrary colonial borders attempt to divide and pit against each other.
To sign up for free food deliveries from Food Knows No Borders, click here.
If you would like to donate to keep this program going when our initial funding runs out in a few months, please make a donation here or send an Interac etransfer to Vivimos Juntxs, Comemos Juntxs at comemosjuntxs@gmail.com!
Photo by FKNB staff member Y Josephine.