Streaming Soon at TQFF

No Pride in Genocide (Dec 2–10) is a global event across 9 cities in solidarity with Palestinians and denouncing Israel’s genocidal attacks & ethnic cleansing against millions of Palestinians.

As Israel escalates its indiscriminate bombing campaign and use of “starvation as a weapon of war” killing more than 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza, No Pride in Genocide will be a loud voice in the growing global grassroots consensus calling for an immediate ceasefire and end to Israel’s siege on the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza.

As the Israeli military & armed settlers continue killing sprees and ethnic cleansing also in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, No Pride in Genocide will bring to focus Israel’s 75 year regime of settler colonialism & apartheid as the context for the current escalation of violence.

As institutions enable Israel’s current genocidal war and its decades-long oppression of Palestinians, No Pride in Genocide is also a call for queer & trans communities to take effective action in solidarity with Indigenous Palestinians in their struggle for freedom, justice and equality and to refuse apartheid Israel’s pinkwashing.

As hundreds of thousands rise up & take direct action to stop Israel’s war machine, No Pride In Genocide is part of the decolonial movement for justice for all and the long history of queer, First Nation, & Palestinian solidarity.

Organized by nearly 40 partner groups & streamed on the Toronto Queer Film Festival website, No Pride in Genocide film programs and Palestinian & allied speakers will echo the call from Palestinians to refuse complicity with Israel’s apartheid regime.

Over the past 5 years, nearly 60 filmmakers have withdrawn from the Israeli government-sponsored TLVFest LGBTQ film festival in response to the boycott call from Palestinian queers. 200+ filmmakers, film artists and scholars have signed the Queer Cinema for Palestine pledge not to participate in TLVFest in a sign of growing rejection of Israeli pinkwashing and recognition of the intimate connections between liberation struggles of all oppressed peoples and communities.

Join Queer Cinema for Palestine Dec 2-10 to say NO PRIDE IN GENOCIDE.


Dec 2: London UK – Queer As In Free Palestine: No Pride in Genocide
Dec 4: Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver – Foggy: Palestine Solidarity, Cinema & the Archive
Dec 5: Berlin – Articulating Power
Dec 6: Vancouver – From Turtle Island to Palestine
Dec 7: QCP in Amsterdam – The Fashion Programme
Dec 8: Beirut – Letters of Resistance
Dec 9: Seoul – Unheard: Defend Masafer Yatta Screening
Dec 10: London Ontario – Photo Booth, Solidarity, and Journeys Across Borders