Queer Emergencies 

Call For Community Support

Given the current social landscape and the widespread loss of jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that artists are in urgent need of work. We also recognize that our audiences and communities need artists and their work, now more than ever.

TQFF is here to help. To do our part in addressing these immediate needs we are setting up a fund to support Canadian filmmakers by providing artist fees for new bodies of work.


Please see our Call for Proposals HERE

Submissions are due March 31st, 2 PM EST.

(We know this is a quick turnaround, but the point of this fund is to provide work for filmmakers who have faced sudden loss of income)


All selected projects will be available for streaming for a period of at least three weeks on the TQFF website. We will also host a premiere showcase/live stream event on April 30th. More details on this to come.


We have currently raised $5960 for the first Queer Emergencies exhibition. But this amount will only cover the costs of one programming cycle. The more funds we raise, the more artists we will be able to support, and, consequently, the more programming we will be able to offer to our communities. If you have the resources, we are making a public call for contributions to help get these artist fees out to more filmmakers in need. If you would like to donate, you can do so on our donation page.

We can also accept Interac and PayPal payments at info@torontoqueerfilmfest.com.