Fundraising Team Application


The Toronto Queer Film Festival (TQFF) is seeking volunteers from the queer and trans community in Toronto and the GTA to join the 2017 Fundraising Team.

The responsibilities of the Fundraising Team will include:

  • attending Fundraising Committee meetings
  • working with TQFF Members to build and launch a crowd-funding campaign
  • working with Social Media and Advertising Volunteers to spread the word about the campaign
  • work with TQFF Members to throw a fundraiser screening in February
  • supporting TQFF Programmers by collecting deliverables from filmmakers
  • seeking out community partners to support TQFF this year


The time commitment required for a Fundraising Committee Member will be between 35-40hrs between January to June 2017, which will be in February with the launch of the crowd funding campaign, alongside the fundraiser screening.

TQFF did not receive any government funding this year, and will continue to be run completely DIY with community partnerships. We are in need of folks from the community who we can really count on to make this year’s festival a success!


We are looking for people who:

  • can make the time commitment
  • have an interest and investment in LGBTQ media arts
  • experience with crowd campaigns and grassroots fundraising
  • work well in a team setting, and strong communication skills


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