Submissions! Toronto Queer Film Festival 2023

Submission Deadline: Oct 7, 2022

For our upcoming festival in 2023, TQFF is soliciting film, video and animated works on the theme of Queer Wonderlands: Dreaming of a Flourising World. We welcome all genres and seek time-based media full of visions, reflections, intimacy, and dreaming of possibilities.

Queer Wonderlands invokes realms full of transitions, joy, and love, inspired by imagination with the anticipation of what is to come. TQFF envisions dreams in which we thrive in our communities and identities, strive towards sustainability and peace, create connections and understanding, and transform the world into one where everyone can live and thrive.

TQFF wants to see what your wonderland looks like. Submit today!

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Who we are

The Toronto Queer Film Festival is a collectively-run, artist-centered, not-for-profit festival that showcases contemporary, innovative, queer and trans film and video art.

We are especially interested in supporting formally experimental films and/or social justice-themed projects that center the experiences of Indigenous people, people of color, people with disabilities, transgender people, sex workers, porn makers, and other communities often marginalized in contemporary LGBT cultural programming and spaces.

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London-Ontario-003-DAWOUD YA YONATHA
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London-Ontario-004-LAND TRUST
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