Authentic Representation of Deaf Queer in Films

Thursday, March 14, 2024 | 7pm EST
| 90 min.
Alexandra Hickox

is a professional photographer and filmmaker. Alexandra graduated from Ontario College Arts and Design University with a BFA in Photography and also holds an MFA in Film Production from York University. She is the founder of Undivided Productions, one of Canada’s few Deaf-led film and videography production companies, and of the Unify Deaf Film Festival (UDFF) which had its first edition in October 2023 in Toronto. She has also worked as an editor, photographer, and actor for numerous television, short film, and feature film projects.

Carlisle Robinson

is a Deaf Queer Canadian and American comic creator, illustrator, and project manager. They currently reside in Tkaronto working as a Deaf Arts Director for Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf. They served on the Ontario Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf (ORAD) board for 6 years in various positions including President. Carlisle holds an undergraduate degree fromGallaudet University and an MFA from The Center for Cartoon Studies. Carlisle has worked on marketing, video editing, and graphic design for several Deaf-centric projects.


90 min

2024, Symposium