Samuel and Samantha

Samuel Lopez

25 min | Canada | 2023

This humourous and lovingly crafted video features Samuel, a Salvadoran university student and political refugee, and his alter ego Samantha, a drag queen and performer. Through their eyes, we discover a segment of the Latin American community in Toronto.


Camila Salcedo

2 min | Canada | 2021

Frutas explores the relationship between identity, culture, and food, locating fruit from Venezuela as a grounding point for memory and connection.


Dani Meisner

6 min | Canada | 2022

A blob of flesh is formed into a body, and from that body a mind emerges and begins to explore a world with walls closing in. “Formless” explores the perspectives of trans bodies going about discovering their dysphoria and finally finding the path to gender euphoria.

Cesspit of Freedom

Oran Rose O'Sullivan

2 min | UK | 2022

The consistent police harassment of a popular gay bar heralds the UK’s first national Gay Pride March, taking place in the textiles town of Huddersfield in 1981. “Cesspit of Freedom” sees this event acknowledged in the present via the power of animation and screen printing.

El Angel

Beau Gomez

14 min | Canada | 2022

Beau Gomez’s “El Angel” unveils the nuances of Asian queerness at a crossroads with upbringing, kinship, desire, and disclosure, juxtaposing the complexities in which identity and community are kept private, shared, experienced and misunderstood.

The Ceremony

Taina Da Silva & Becca Redden

16 min | Canada | 2018

150 years from now, two warrior siblings document their community who survived climate change and become the focus of an event that will change them forever.

Belonging to Each Other

Saturday, March 16, 2024 | 12:30pm EST
Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, USA| 60 min.

60 min Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, USA

2024, shorts