Boycotts in Action: Reflections from Filmmakers for Palestine

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 | 1pm EST
| 80 min.
Samir Eskanda

Samir Eskanda is a Palestinian artist, organizer, and human rights activist based in the UK.

As a musician he has released a number of records on independent labels.

His views on the intersection of culture and activism and why art should not be used to whitewash apartheid or other grave human rights violations have appeared in the Hollywood Reporter, Sky News, and others.

He has played a key role in many campaigns, covered by the New York Times, CNN, BBC, Rolling Stone, among others, appealing to celebrities like Shakira and Lana del Rey to cancel performances in Tel Aviv.

He has also helped organize high profile petitions defending the freedom of expression of artists speaking out for Palestinian rights, including Sally Rooney, Lorde, and Emma Watson, against repressive attacks aimed at intimidating or silencing them.

80 min