Indigiqueer Cinema

Sunday, November 10, 2019 | 7pm EST

Nov 10 | 7:00pm
@ OCAD University
Sliding scale $5-15
(no one turned away for lack of funds)

This year, TQFF hosted its second Indigiqueer Filmmaking Intensive, led by Thirza Cuthand and Fallon Simard and in collaboration with Trinity Square Video. Three videos produced in the Indigiqueer Workshop series, alongside four other contemporary Indigiqueer cinematic delights, go beyond issues of colonization to rep a small but vibrant community. Positions is a day in the life of a young sex worker who negotiates with both grateful and problematic clients. Activate NDN Consciousness combines found footage of harmful Indigenous portrayals with contemporary NDN protest and revolt. Part Three is a poetic video about gender as told through an ambiguous being describing their relationship to land and the animals which inhabit it. Mowitowak questions how the filmmaker is perceived by those who may wish to do them harm. Flash Flood is a dreamy look at the aftermath of a flood and the three genders and identities it reveals. Rosie follows a young Indigenous orphan given to her white Francophone Auntie who is clueless about children and hesitant to take on this new responsibility. Majur takes us out of Canada to Brazil where we meet the head of communication in an Indigenous village who is an integral member of his community, but who is still struggling with being accepted for who he is.



Justin Ducharme

12 min | Canada | 2018

Activate NDN Consciousness

Natalie King

6 min | Canada | 2019

Part Three

Kaya Joan

4 min | Canada | 2019


Megan Feheley

4 min | Canada | 2019

Flash Flood

Alli MacKay

6 min | Canada | 2017


Gail Maurice

17 min | Canada | 2018


Rafael Irineu

20 min | Brazil | 2018