Queer Activism from Egypt to Canada: A Study of LGBTQ Arab Muslim Immigrant Experiences in Canada

Thursday, March 14, 2024 | 12pm EST
| 120 min.
Alaa Abdelrazek

is an Egyptian film producer, director and writer based in Toronto. He is pursuing his MFA in Film Production at York University and works for the Being Black in Canada film mentorship program. He was a Fulbright scholar at Columbia College Chicago and got his bachelor degree from the American University in Cairo. He has worked with Netflix, Al Jazeera and Doha Film Institute. His works have been selected for many film festivals worldwide including Berlinale, Tribeca and Oberhausen.

Malak El-Kashif

is a journalist and researcher. Currently, she is the Executive Director at Transat MENA, and her focus is on supporting transgender and non-binary rights. Recognized as the first openly transgender woman in Egypt to face arrest for political reasons, her commitment is to advocate for marginalized communities. In 2020, she initiated legal proceedings against the Egyptian Minister of Interior, hoping to contribute positively by urging the establishment of secure detention spaces for transgender individuals. Her journey in journalism, research, and advocacy, is driven by a genuine desire to foster inclusivity and justice within Egypt and beyond.

Yousef Ahmed

is an Egyptian-Canadian based in Toronto for over 10 years. He previously worked with Rainbow Railroad on the Middle East and North Africa support team to engage LGBT+ folks from the region seeking asylum. He is currently working as the Community Liaison for the Queer Muslim Network (QMN) of Toronto, a grassroots organization serving 2SLGBTQ+ Muslims in the GTA, many of whom are newcomers and refugees in Canada.

Rasha Younes

is Interim Deputy Director of the LGBT Rights Program at Human Rights Watch, and has been investigating abuses against LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa region. Her recent work focuses on state-sponsored digital targeting of LGBT people around the region. She has previously investigated the killings of LGBT people by armed groups in Iraq, arbitrary detention and ill-treatment of LGBT people in Qatar, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, the systemic discrimination against transgender women in Lebanon, and security forces’ crackdown on LGBT organizing in Jordan, Tunisia, and Lebanon. She also led multimedia campaigns which highlight LGBT voices across the MENA region, and in Lebanon’s revolution.


120 min

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