a tangled web drowning in honey

Tara Hakim & Hannah Hull

10 | Canada | 2023

“a tangled web drowning in honey” is an experiential and textural short film that invites viewers into the inner workings of a mind to ponder the ways in which we love and unlove ourselves.

Atmospheric Arrivals

Ayo Tsalithaba

7 | Canada | 2023

“Atmospheric Arrivals” is about home and the (im)possibility of return. An “atmospheric arrival” captures a means of coming into being through memory and imagination, by reaching across spacetimes to “fetch” parts of the self that may exist elsewhere.

First Months of Freedom

Kriss Li

9 | Canada | 2021

“First Months of Freedom” follows a woman’s first months off parole in the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Landmarks of Memory

Christina Hajjar

7 | Canada | 2023

A tattoo ritual and hookah session memorializes a pre-war flower shop. After seeing its storefront in archival footage of the Lebanese Civil War, a first-generation daughter seeks information and connection to place.


James Dixon

4 | Canada | 2019

“Homegrown” is an experimental documentary that explores the complicated process of decolonization and reveals how our memory and history are ingrained in our sense of identification.


Morgan Sears-Williams

5 | Canada | 2022

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the disappearance of queer spaces across Toronto, “sway / pull” offers a meditation on the erosion of Hanlan’s Point Beach in both literal and figurative senses.

Çås¢a∂ing €®r0r Win∂0ws

erψn temp3st

20 | Canada | 2021

“Çås¢a∂ing €®r0r Win∂0ws” is a project about love, death, connection, the future, and the afterlife. It is an exploration of artificial intelligence, human consciousness, and embodiment that troubles deeply held convictions about what it means to be alive, to be a person, and to be in conversation with another.

Slips and Stickiness

Saturday, March 16, 2024 | 4:30pm EST
Canada| 90 min.

90 min Canada

2024, shorts