Hair To Stay

Pree Rehal

1 min | Canada | 2023

When a young, genderqueer, non-binary brown kid gets bullied due to their unique moustache, they find newfound confidence and pride in their facial hair after a heartwarming turn of events.

Be Vardų, Be Kojų

Brigita Gedgaudas

3 min | Canada | 2023

“Be Vardų, Be Kojų,” meaning ‘without names, without legs,’ is an experimental, animated, dance film that investigates queer movement in Lithuanian folk dance. Using photograms made from scanning dancers performing specific gendered folk dance steps, the film depicts bodies that don’t conform to earthly physics, boundaries, and rules and that act instead as disruptive agents.


Lokchi Lam

7 min | Canada | 2023

Boob is a rom-com about a large left breast struggling with insecurities about his masculinity as he strives to impress his new love interest.

100 Ghosts

Noncedo Khumalo

1 min | Canada | 2022

A woman wakes to mysterious sounds – and confronts an astonishing surreal world summoned forth by her innermost fears.


Zachery Cameron Longboy

4 min | Canada | 2022

Filmmaker Zachery Cameron Longboy describes this experimental animated short as “a poem for my captor.”

Starlight Sojourn

Chantal Rousseau, Darcy Tara McDiarmid

4 min | Canada | 2023

“Starlight Sojourn” – created from watercolours, fluid acrylic paintings, and digital imagery – features local fish, birds, and animals traversing a dreamlike night-time landscape in the Yukon.

Archive of a Trickster

Kaya Joan

4 min | Canada | 2022

“Archive of Trickster” weaves together physical and digital archival imagery relating to projects of urbanization at the mouth of the Humber. Working with personal interactions with the land as an archive, this film explores the past, present and future of the river.

Embrace the Moon

Katrina Pleasance

4 min | Canada | 2023

The Moon Goddess falls in love with a human farmer. Even though they’re a world apart, she longs to meet her and uses her powers to bring them both together.

You are Here

Sarah Hill

9 min | USA | 2023

This film portrays a nonlinear narrative of the alienating process of becoming pregnant as a trans and non-binary couple. The rabbit is the third character in the film, representing a multitude of histories in regards to pregnancy and eventually becomes the baby.

Heaven on Earth

El Starcher

4 min | Canada | 2023

Samson and Mikey are two twenty-somethings who have reached a limbo in their relationship – a purgatory between friends and lovers – and who are damned by Samson’s fear of being perceived as a transgender person. Ultimately, the angelic nature of their dynamic proves the sublimity of loving a body that transcends what ‘god intended’.

Lil Sherbert

Xinhe Zhao

3 min | USA/China | 2023

“Lil Sherbert” is a hymn to the body’s struggle to gain autonomy.

Stills in Motion: Queer Life in Alternate Forms

Friday, March 15, 2024 | 5pm EST
Canada, China, USA| 60 min.

60 min Canada, China, USA

2024, shorts