Tipi Confessions

Sunday, February 25, 2022 | 8pm EST

The Toronto Queer Film Festival has partnered with Tipi Confessions and the Indigenous Curatorial Collective/Collectif des commissaires autochtones to bring you:

Tipi Confessions Turned On… Line

Tipi Confession is a storytelling event curated with performances and stories that expose the vulnerability, humour, confusion, and sexy details of sex and sexuality. Our performers are the soul of our show, and your confessions are the heart.

Through this partnership, we’ve curated a line-up of stories and performances centering Indigenous women, two-spirit, and queer experiences featuring Taté Walker, e.macias, JD Pet Wussy, Juniper Whispers, Tai Amy Grauman, Miss Odemiin Surprise!, and members from the Edmonton Indigenous Poets Society.

And our host and MC Tracy Bear will reveal the details of your anonymously submitted confessions in between the performances.

We’re grateful for your support and that you choose to spend your time with us.

We are proud to partner with Tipi Confessions and the Indigenous Curatorial Collective/Collectif des commissaires autochtones for this event.

This project is funded by Canadian Heritage.


Juniper whispers

(She/her/hers) is a writer/ poet and artist. She is Diné that likes to write about celebration of Indigenous love, land and language.

She is performing Desert Derriere, a poem celebrating a lover’s tush!

Tai Amy Grauman

is Metis, Cree and Haudenosaunee from Ardrossan, Alberta. She is an actor, playwright and emerging director and producer.Tai is an artistic associate at Savage Society and an associate artist at the Citadel Theatre and currently pursuing her MFA in theatre practice at the U of A with a focus on ‘Metis women’s love stories’.She was named the Metis Nation of Alberta’s outstanding youth of 2020. Tai has written commissions for Nightswimming, Axis theatre and the Arts Club.

A love letter read by Tai Amy Grauman.

Chasidy Gray

is a sakâwiskwew, woods Cree woman, from Bigstone Cree Nation in Treaty 8 territory. She is a new mother and resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Her poetry is an expression of her life experiences which focus on love and heartbreak and spiritual and cultural revitalization.

Chasidy is performing Hand Games in the Dark, a poem about post-birth sexuality, a sensation not unlike experiencing the first time all over again. She is also performing A Place Between Love and Hate, a poem describing both the pains and yearnings that come with break ups.

Taté Walker

is Mniconjou Lakota and a citizen of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. They are an award-winning Two Spirit storyteller who resides in O’odham/Piipaash territory (so-called Phoenix, Arizona).

Taté is performing I like Tacos. A poem that is open to your interpretation – make it as dirty as you want it to be. Taté takes the preparing and eating of tacos VERY seriously!

Pet Wussy / JD

works within the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. She is First Nations from the Blood tribe, grandmother to four, and mother to three. She hopes to inspire all genders to speak freely about their body. The Creator blessed us with beauty in all shapes and sizes. JD does not shy away from the fact that she loves romance, erotica, kinky sex, and tends to be freaky. Overall, she wants to encourage everyone to be confident. Sex is satisfying, but love is also needed.

Pet Wussy is performing Temple, a sensual prayer to her vagina, as both a sacred area for life and sexual pleasures.

K’alii Luuyaltkw

(pronounced (Loo-yalt-kwuh))is a spoken word artist who comes from the Nisga’a Nation in BC. Her name means “to return upriver” and serves as a constant reminder to always return to culture in her work of upholding oral storytelling traditions.

K’alii is performing A Two-Spirit Love Poem and Love like Ocean; Love like Shoreline.

Miss Odemiin Surprise!

who also daylights as Denise Mcleod, is an Indigiqueer Anishinaabe Artist. This proud Urban Anishinaabe kwe is a comedian/storyteller, textile artist, and newly found burlesque performer. Denise’s art is grounded in challenging and changing narratives ofdominant culture, colonization, colonialism and patriarchy. Denise’s goal for life is making white men uncomfortable.

Miss Surprise is performing a burlesque routine to the late great royalty, Prince’s Nikki Darling.

Sage (Stephanie) Giroux

is an Indigenous Metis woman residing in Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton) Alberta on treaty 6 land. As a metis woman, Sage uses Poetry to reconnect with her indigenous roots while honoring her French roots. Growing up as a french halfbreed in a predominantly non indigenous town she learned to stay connected to her mother’s side by remembering stories and jokes passed down from her mosôm Charlie.

Sage is performing La Petite Morte/The little death. This is Sage’s first ever sensual poem using elements of her touch sensitivity (hyperalgesia) and her ability to see colours with sound (synesthesia).


(Native American, Black/Afro, and Mexican descent) is a dancer, movement facilitator, postdoctoral fellow and lecturer of Indigenous and Native American Women, Gender, and Sexualities. Macias recently completed the graduate program in Critical Dance Studies at the University of California Riverside where she earned her Ph.D. focusing on Native and Indigenous women, femmes, and gender expansive artists who have used dance as a form of defiance against colonial containment.

Her performance explores layers of personal expression and sensuality through erotic dance and strip.

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