TQFF Student Showcase

Sunday, November 3, 2018 | 2pm EST
| 83 min.

Curated by Lisa Duffus, Amanda Lindenbach and Jeremy Saya for TQFF 2018

Nov 3 | 2:00pm
@ OCAD University
Sliding scale $5-15
(no one turned away for lack of funds)

De-privatizing the personal is a vehicle towards the reclamation of space. Featuring the work of eight post-secondary students, this program explores the vast landscape of artist experiences inside – but mostly outside – the institution. This is an invitation to a culture of self-emergence and expression.


Madonna and Child

Iqrar Rizvi

3 min | Canada | 2013

In Madonna and Child, the director and co-performer swap genders and engage in the action of breast-feeding. Featuring Rosalie H. Maheux.

Code A

Burak Karacan

1 min | Canada | 2011

This piece was inspired by my curiosity of the probable patterns the ayran* would make on the inner surface of the bottle after I shook and put down a half-full ayran bottle on my desk. (* Ayran is a popular cold beverage of yogurt mixed with water and often salt.)


Christine Wu

7 min | Canada | 2017

Canadian writer Jo Jefferson shares their experience as a non-binary parent living in Toronto.

I am yours to keep

Iqrar Rizvi

2 min | Canada | 2014

I am yours to keep is a performance for the camera where the veiled figure unfolds the conflicting nature between one’s identity and the body in a state of isolation.

Becoming Leela


11 min | Canada | 2018

Becoming Leela is a coming of age story of a closeted yet feisty teenager, Leela, living with her high-handed all-knowing mother who wants her daughter to fit herself into social gender expectations.

First Love

Alec Butler

5 min | Canada | 2000

In “First Love,” Alick is seduced on a snowbank by high school lesbian femme siren K with token resistance. Their shared outsider status draws them together against the tyranny of high school bullies.

Code E

Burak Karacan

2 min | Canada | 2011

Burak Karacan’s Code E was inspired by the question, “Can I obtain a moving image from a single photograph?”

As I Sat in His Car

Kalil Haddad

2018 | Canada | 10 min

Through a collage of found footage, reenactments, and digital manipulation, Kalil Haddad explores the intersection between queerness and age through an autobiographical reflection of youthful regrets.

Audrey’s Beard

Alec Butler

2 min | Canada | 2002

“Audrey’s Beard” is a short story told in time-lapse photography, an experimental poetic documentary about the emotional journey of an intersex trans masculine non-binary queer body from shame to celebration.


Cole Forrest

4 min | Canada | 2018

“Bedowe” is a filmic exploration of sexuality, trauma, and love within the context of a relationship between an Indigenous boy and a non-Indigenous boy in current day Tkaronto.

Code S

Burak Karacan

6 min | Canada | 2010

In this work, Burak Karacan juxtaposes two video recordings made one after the other on a 2-person patio swing.


Alexandra Douglas

9 min | Canada | 2018

It’s 3am and Ray finds herself crashing in her best friend Sara’s bed.

Spilled Magic

Iqrar Rizvi

2017 | Canada | 6 min

Spilled Magic explores the augmentation of drag performance with Bollywood dance and electronically enhanced body extensions. This drag performance investigates and teases technology, drag, and the body by incorporating body extensions with Bollywood dance while addressing the question of “where does individual agency end and social pressure begin?”

83 min