Trauma-Informed Storytelling

Sunday, March 17, 2024 | 11am EST
| 90 min.
Maya Bastian

is an award winning filmmaker and artist with roots in conflict journalism. Her work has been supported by Netflix, HBO, UN IOM, CBC and the Canadian Film Centre. She has taught storytelling in countries around the world, with a particular focus on post-conflict zones and refugee camps. She is the founder of the X-Wave Workshop series for BIPOC filmmakers at Trinity Square Video and sits on the board of Art With Impact. Her work frequently explores the trauma related to displacement and migration.

Gitanjali Lena

is a Tamil / Sinhalese diasporic writer and performer living in T’karonto. They co-founded the Teardrop Collective for South Asian queer and trans theatre artists. Leopards & Peacocks, a Tamil queer comedy, is their first play. They have been published in Fireweed Feminist Quarterly, the Whose Your Daddy Queer Parenting Anthology, Parallel Tracks 2.0, Hir Magazine, and the Maza Collective Digital Anthology. Ghosts Don’t Need Passports, a multimedia installation, was shown at Summerworks Lab 2022. Gitanjali attended the Stratford Research & Development Lab in 2019, and the Banff Centre Poetry Residency in 2023.

90 min

2024, Symposium