WORKSHOP: Ztonewall 50 – Collaborative Zine Making for 2SQTBIPOC

Monday, January 1, 2019 | 12am EST

Learn how to enable your own liberation through the crafting of zines! Pree Rehal will guide you through the process in this innovative workshop. Become an author of Queer history creating your own interpretation of Stonewall 50. Results will be scanned and compiled into a single collaborative Zine.

Note: Participation inthis workshop is restricted to Two-Spirit Queer Trans Black Indigenous People of Colour.

Pree Rehal

(pronouns: they/them) is basically a trans Batman (except not rich, also not a white dude), they are an Account Manager by day, artist by night. Their creative research interests include cosplaying, critical race studies, navigating non-monogamy for racialized trans and queer folks, and the Punjabi diaspora. Pree graduated from the joint Communication and Culture program at York and Ryerson Universities in 2018.

min Canada