Job Opportunities

Join our fantastic team at TQFF!


At Toronto Queer Film Festival, we have continued to grow and expand our horizons. We are proud to partner with Miziwie Biik and Service Canada to open job opportunities for our communities and allies.

Our foremost goal as an organization is community building: creating space for queer and trans filmmakers and audiences to come together in the spirit of art and activism. 

TQFF staff will work remotely from home. TQFF operates remotely and will not be holding any in-person activities or events until the pandemic is no longer a public health risk. It is demonstrably safe to meet indoors again. As many on our team are disabled and/or immunocompromised, our standards for reopening and operating again in public will be stringent, and all procedures will be adopted by staff consensus. 

TQFF is an equal opportunity employer. People with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply, and additional support for staff with disabilities is available.

 A program operated by Miziwie Biik funds the following positions. To be considered for this position, all candidates must be:

  • Registered or eligible to register at Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training
  • Must be First Nation, Inuit or Metis
  • Must reside within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

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Communications Coordinator 

Programming Coordinator