Toronto Queer Film Festival

The Toronto Queer Film Festival showcases contemporary, innovative, queer and trans film and video art. We are especially interested in supporting formally experimental films and/or social justice themed projects that center the experiences of Indigenous people, people of color, people with disabilities, transgender people, sex workers, porn makers, and other communities often marginalized in contemporary LGBT cultural programming and spaces.

TQFF is a volunteer-run, artist-centered festival. There are no submission fees for artists, and proceeds from the festival are prioritized to pay artists screening fees at or above the IMAA and CARFAC minimum rates. For more information about TQFF’s perspectives on charging submission fees and the payment of artist fees, please see:


At this point, TQFF has no institutional funding and is entirely reliant on one-time grants and community donations to make festival and workshops happen. Please help support TQFF by becoming a member or making a donation today.