Toronto Queer Film Festival

About TQFF

TQFF is organized by an ad-hoc collective of artists and arts professionals who came together in 2016 to launch the Toronto Queer Film Festival. We began this project out of an urgent need to provide screen space in Toronto for media by and about marginalized queer and trans people.

We have three primary mandates:
1) to exhibit queer independent and experimental film and video art;
2) to support the production of alternative queer film and video art through community-based arts education and professional development; and
3) to foster community engagement with the arts by welcoming all attendees to our accessible venues with “pay what you can” pricing for events, ASL interpretation, and closed captioning of all programs.

TQFF distinguishes itself from other Toronto cultural events that serve the LGBT community by focusing on experimental time-based media that challenges and expands social, political, and artistic conventions. Our curatorial mandate is to centre the programming of work by and about queer and trans people of colour, Indigenous people, and people with disabilities, as well as the work of local artists, low-income, DIY filmmakers, and emerging artists.

Our foremost goal as an organization is community building: creating space for queer and trans filmmakers and audiences to come together in the spirit of art and activism.

In addition to the annual festival, TQFF offers year round programming, including screenings and workshop intensives.

TQFF is a volunteer-run, artist-centered festival. There are no submission fees for artists, and proceeds from the festival are prioritized to pay artists screening fees at or above the IMAA and CARFAC minimum rates. For more information about TQFF’s perspectives on charging submission fees and the payment of artist fees, please see:


2018 TQFF Collective Members

Sharlene Bamboat
Kami Chisholm
Thirza Cuthand
Cecilio Guillermo Escobar
Gardenia Flores
Aimée Mitchell
Christina Rousseau
Erika Thoen


TQFF is funded entirely by the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council, as well as by the generous contributions of our community sponsors, members, and donors. At this point, TQFF has no institutional funding and is entirely reliant on one-time grants and community donations to make festival and workshops happen. Please help support TQFF by becoming a member or making a donation today.