A Splendid Frame

Thursday, November 7, 2019 | 6:30pm EST

Nov 7 | 6:30pm
@ Jackman Hall
Sliding scale $5-15
(no one turned away for lack of funds)

The innovative films in this program fracture the typical coming out narrative into something far more complex. Recalling the cool restrained tone of a CBC Radio documentary, The Common Fag provides a study of the behaviour of gay men sure to strike us all as very familiar. Spanky’s offers a glimpse of queer life in Small town Ontario where a local strip club becomes a refuge for the narrator. Homegrown complicates the notion of history as a stable and coherent narrative by creating a disorienting collage using juxtaposed images and audio fragments. Off the Highway Like Another Deer is a brilliant collage of shattered elements, revealing a deeper truth about sex and gender. A Splendid Case of Doubt is a love story incorporating the weird, the sublime, and the furry. In I, Will, a solitary figure walks down the street, goes home, and disrobes. In Framing Device, despair at the state of the world nurtures a longing for solitude and simplicity.


The Common Fag

Michael V. Smith

4 min | Canada | 2018


Mée Rose

4 min | Canada | 2018


James Dixon

4 min | Canada | 2019

Off the Highway Like Another Deer

Sofia Higgins

9 min | United States | 2019

A Splendid Case of Doubt

Daniel Moshel

4 min | Austria | 2018

I, Will

Ieda Lagos

17 min | Brazil | 2019

Framing Device

Andrew Patterson

27 min | Canada | 2019