Tuesday, November 19, 2021 | 7pm EST

Exhibition of Queer Films followed by a discussion (in Portuguese) on the films and their support for Palestinian Rights, with introductions by filmmakers Ariel Nobre, Victor Costa Lopes, and Asaph Luccas.

Moderated by Maynara Nafe, a Brazilian-Palestinian academic of Law. Currently, youth secretary of the Palestinian Arab Federation of Brazil and member of the Palestinian-Brazilian Youth Sanaúd.



Ariel Nobre

13min | Brazil | 2018

Documentary on suicide among trans people. The movie portrays poetically the relationship of the characters with body, life, and the sacred. The movie steps into the chests of Aretha, Yago, Deniell and Ariel attempting an inner, both personal and collective cure. The camera follows the characters’ transition from death to life, a dangerous path yet promising to go through the valley of shadow of death and take us to a redemption experience.

Ariel Nobre is an artist and communications specialist. “I seek to improve trans men’s lives through art and education focused on professional development. I started the project I Have To Say I Love You, a campaign that values trans men’s lives, in 2015. In 2018, I wrote and directed a short film with the same name that won Best Film in the 2019 Goiânia Short Film Festival and was nominated for the Cinema Brazil Grand Prize.”


Bruno Victor and Marcus Azevedo

16min | Brazil | 2017

Fiction and documentary cross to show the process of transformation and empowerment of Victor Hugo, a young black and gay, resident of the periphery of the Federal District. The report is mixed with the testimonies of other young people, whose stories reveal the forms of resistance, are found in discourses valorizing the black gay.

Bruno Victor graduated in Audiovisual from UnB and master’s degree in Multimedia from Unicamp. Co directed and scripted Afronte (2017) He was assistant director of the short film Lubrina (2022), assistant director, assistant director of the feature Afeminadas (2021), Co directed the feature film Rumo (2022). he was curator of the Rastro documentary festival (2020 and 2021), member of the Selection Committee Festival Mix Brasil (2020).

Marcus Azevedo has a Master in Visual Arts and bachelor’s degree in audiovisual, from UnB. He co-scripted and co-directed the short film Afronte (2017) and the feature film Rumo, in the final phase. Producer of the Black Film Festival – Adélia Sampaio. Producer of the documentary Daughters of Washers (2019). Curator of the University Festival of Brasilia (2019) and the Hybrid Exhibition (2021).


Victor Costa Lopes

14min | Brazil | 2019

When two boys find themselves in a dawn lost in space and time, the memories to be built link the day they share together.

Victor Costa Lopes graduated in Cinema and Audiovisual from the Federal University of Ceará. He is a partner at Orla Films, a film production company based in Fortaleza. He works as a screenwriter, director and editor, having directed the short film “De Terça pra Quarta” and the feature films “O Animal Sonhado” (2015), “As Cores do Divino” (2020) and “Queens” (in post -production), in addition to the documentary series “Identidade #Transvive” (2021).


Asaph Luccas

18min | Brazil | 2019

BONDE portrays a day in the life of three young black men from the favela of Heliópolis who go to seek refuge in the LGBTI+ nightlife of downtown São Paulo. BONDE talks about the center-periphery relationship in the lives of these three young people, where in their hood they are targets for being LGBTI+s and in the center for being black.

Asaph Luccas is a black LGBTI+ multidisciplinary artist who grew up on the outskirts of São Paulo’s East Zone. Member of Coletivo Gleba do Pêssego, he co-directed and scripted the short films Translúcidos (2015) and Menarca (2017), in addition to directing the medium-length film Negritudes Brasileiras (2018). Bonde (2019) is his third short film, where he directs himself.