Documentary production during COVID-19

Monday, January 1, 2021 | 12am EST

Join filmmaker, writer, and educator Chanda Chevannes for an interactive session around best practices for documentary producers, directors, and crews during the COVID-19 pandemic. The session will begin with a deep dive into Documentary Production in the Era of COVID-19, a new online guide researched and written by Chanda for the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), in response to calls from documentary filmmakers for more genre-specific pandemic guidance.

After digging into the key takeaways, case studies, and practical resources offered in the guide, workshop participants will be invited to discuss their own experiences of working in this unprecedented time and will brainstorm together around situation-specific best practices and new creative approaches to documentary production.

Documentary Production in the Era of COVID-19 was created by DOC in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the Directors Guild of Canada. See the guide at:


Chanda Chevannes

is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and educator. As a queer woman of colour, she is passionate about using media for social change and public education. When she isn’t in the production field herself, Chanda is applying her documentarian’s skills of research, writing, and speaking with the goal of sharing knowledge in the documentary community. Chanda’s recent publications include The Roadmap to Creative Distribution and Documentary Production in the Era of COVID-19, both published by the Documentary Organization of Canada. See more about Chanda’s work at


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