Dreaming the Self: Collective Reflections of Renewal and Re:birth

Monday, April 22, 2023 | 11:30am EST
Canada| 90 min.

Focusing on themes of transition, collective visioning, and the ‘self’, this session asks participants to delve into the fantastic: considering creative expression and collective explorations of our mirror selves as a route to new languages of being.

How do we journey into the individual shape of our dream selves? What do our roots look like? And how can we transform the stagnation of our fears into mobilising action towards collective healing? Utilising films, interactive exercises, presentations, sound, and spiritual work, we will examine the possibilities that lie within ‘dreaming’ ourselves into our desired realities.

The aim of this programme is to conjure alternate modalities of connection beyond borders with other LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, holding our past, present and future selves at the centre.

This event is an online workshop, hosted via Zoom. To attend, please log into your TQFF account and return to this page when the event is live. The Zoom link will be available for TQFF Website Registrants. No other registration is required.

Tobi Adebajo

(they/tobi) is an anti-disciplinary artist, birth & death doula. Focusing on sound, movement, visual, and written pieces, their practice draws from all the senses and relies upon meaningful collaboration to create work centralising diasporic experiences. In their work, Adebajo presents evidence of the communal and spiritual languages that we inherently possess but may be unable to access, framing this language as a basis for collective healing and liberation.

Ruth Simmons

(they/she) is a community facilitator, disability activist, and postcolonial psychologist. An advocate for healing justice, their interests lie in race, gender, institutional discrimination, power, and liberation. A graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Ruth utilises her academic background to engage their passion for facilitating accessible spaces for queer and trans Black people and people of colour. They are based in London and currently work with a disability arts commissioning organisation, alongside various projects as a freelance facilitator.

90 min Canada

2023, Symposium