Kiki Wiki Edit-O-Thon

Monday, January 1, 2022 | 12am EST


The webinar will be available on Zoom (Registration required, button below) at 4 p.m. EST. You will recieve the zoom link via email post registration.

If you miss this webinar, fear not, this will be archived and available on our website post the event.

Ballroom is an international phenomena of queer grassroot competition, centered around dance, beauty, fashion, commentating, and other creative talents. A “Kiki” denotes its younger, friendlier spinoff. The Toronto Kiki ballroom scene has been an under-recognized part of the queer creative community of Toronto for past 10 years, and artists like Robin Gaudreau hope to change this.

In this workshop, Robin Gaudreau will lead participants in learning about how to edit a Kiki Wiki. Kiki Wiki is a website with the mission of documenting the balls and the people that have made the Kiki ballroom what it is in Toronto. This workshop is a moment for people to learn how to edit a Wiki page, and to come together to collaborate on this digital archiving process.

All with knowledge of ballroom are welcome and no experience with archiving or web-design is necessary!


Robin Gaudreau

is a non-binary trans-disciplinary artist and independent researcher. They are a resident artist for Pride Toronto, and their drag persona, Rye, is one of the recipients of the Buddies in Bad Times Theater Queer Emerging Artist Awards for 2021. They are also a selftaught filmmaker whose work has been presented in events ranging from Cinevolution Digital Carnival X to the First International Quarantine Burlesque Festival. They have been walking the runway since 2019.

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