Labor is a love letter from the current moment to a future that embraces queerness, community, and sex work. The film follows Hanna, who leaves her family behind to go to San Francisco, where she hopes to explore her sexuality. At a party, she meets Chloe, a professional dominatrix, and Cyd, a trans masculine escort, and they begin a decades long relationship that prioritizes working through conflict, connection, and desire against the backdrop of doing sex work.

Through a mix of interviews, captured conversations, voice over narration, and abstract shots of the city, we see Hanna, Chloe, and Cyd and their relationships evolve over time and across international borders.

Tove Pils

Tove Pils is a student in the Masters program of film at Academy Valand. Tove has been working on a documentary about queer sex workers in San Francisco for many years and before they graduate they want to take the opportunity to show work from artists, sex workers, and filmmakers that have inspired or taught them things about sex work, as well as fragments from their own work. Tove has previously directed the short film PUSH ME.


Sunday, March 17, 2024 | 7pm EST
USA| 120 min.

120 min USA

2024, features