Play is a 4-Letter Word

Monday, June 17, 2017 | 8:45pm EST
| 75 min.

June 17, 2017
Doors: 8:30pm
Screening: 8:45pm
Co-Sponsored by CFMDC & LIFT

Play is an integral part of queer resistance. The act of playing and being playful is a cornerstone of subversion: pushing, flipping, stomping on norms with language, satire, beautiful wigs, and gigantic stuffed penises (you’ll see). Play is needed to lift us up and recharge ourselves as we push to agitate, resist, and revolt. This program celebrates queer playfulness in all its forms. Playful resistance keeps our hearts soft and helps to shield our resilient minds.


Steelworker’s Hall
25 Cecil St, Toronto, ON M5T 1N1
PWYC, suggested donation: $5 – $20
No one turned away for lack of funds.

All screenings are PWYC and wheelchair accessible. This screening will be closed-captioned and ASL-interpreted. Please contact us if you have any additional accessibility-related inquiries.



Valentine’s Day

Bella Giancotta and Sue Johnson

2 min | Canada | 2017

Short and sweet, Valentine’s Day captures the process of getting ready for an exciting night through documenting a rarely-seen yet somewhat common ritual.

You’re a Guy!

Sylvain Certain

2 min | France | 2017

With the encouragement of his big brother, Willy becomes a man…

I Have A Penis

Flora Bradwell

3 min | United Kingdom | 2016

This anarchic video sees artist alter-ego diva disco band Bella & The Lordwarfs explore the domination of the male voice in everyday life. Crude humour, charming animation and shameless music video rip offs combine to prove that feminism is in no way a PC affair.


Ashley Park & Leio Kirtley

1 min | Sweden | 2017

Abstract metaphors tell a story about gender in a non-traditional perspective in this animated short.

White Machine

Ted Kwo

3 min | United States | 2017

This is a paper cutout stop motion animation. Both abstract and meditative this non-narrative short experimental film subtly expresses themes of colonialism, identity, and technological advancement.


Rob Fatal

14 min | United States | 2016

6 years ago two artists attempted to make a queer, sci-fi porno: it failed. What emerged 6 years later out of its campy/tragic/melodramatic ashes is this erotic experimental documentary; a meditation on the intersections of failure, queer identity, and fetish.

Welcome to David Wojnarowicz Week

Steve Reinke

14 min | Canada/United States | 2016

David Wojnarowicz Week and takes us through his seven days of celebration: plankton, Kafka, Bette Davis, Wednesday afternoon visits with friends, more plankton, burning villages, Hollis Frampton, Sammy Davis Jr. as a libidinal machine producing sadness, opera, disembowelment, and poetry.

A Doll’s Eyes

Jonathan Wysocki

12 min | United States | 2016

Haunted by the movie Jaws since childhood, a filmmaker discovers why the movie affected him so deeply.


Fernanda Carvalho

12 min | Brazil | 2016

Allice is a poetic documentary that approaches the existential conflicts between the Drag Queen Allice Bombom and her creator, Alexandre Loyola.

That Road (Aquela Estrada)

Rafael Ramos

15 min | Brazil | 2016

Omar gives up going to a job interview in Manaus and decides to embark on a road trip with strangers. On a day when all sounds tedious and pragmatic, the road is the only way for Omar to seek courage and escape from the city that no longer satisfies him.

75 min