QTBIPOC Erotic Filmmaking Workshop

Monday, January 1, 2020 | 12am EST

In spring/summer 2020, TQFF hosted a new workshop series, inviting six emerging filmmakers to create QTBIPOC Sexy Videos.

We hope that these videos will create more decolonized images of sexuality by QTBIPOC for and about QTBIPOC. This workshop series is lead by Indigenous filmmakers Fallon Simard, Thirza Cuthand, with a guest workshop by Dayna Danger. Workshops take participants through scriptwriting and directing sexual/erotic/sensual/kinky content, sound recording and video production, and post production.

This workshop uses microcinema techniques, which includes phones/tablets/diy materials. Participants also get access to software to edit videos outside of class time. In order to comply with social distancing, workshops are held on Zoom, and participants have access to Adobe Premiere licenses to edit. Any other tech access needs we will try to accomodate. Completed works will screen at TQFF’s 2021 festival.

Thank you to our partner Trinity Square Video! This project is funded by the Ontario Arts Council.


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