Queer Futures

Monday, January 1, 2022 | 12am EST

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The work of groundbreaking author Jewelle Gomez exemplifies how the genres of horror, science fiction, and speculative fiction can offer world-building opportunities for Queer, 2Spirit, and Trans people to dream up futures that include their lives and community. Gomez states: “A primary lesson the vampire hero learns in my novel, The Gilda Stories, is that “in giving others dreams she recaptures her own.” For her keynote talk, Gomez will be discussing her work along with case study examples of horror-genre LGBTQ+ films that encapsulate the themes of community, world-building, feminism, and of course, visualization of Queer futures. As Gomez’s written work has demonstrated throughout the years: “The Queer community has modeled (even if flawed) how we learn to recognize each other’s humanity and create dreams. It’s that recognition and celebration which will make our best futures and our best creative expressions.”


Jewelle Gomez

is the author of eight books. Her first book, the multiple Lambda Award-winning The Gilda Stories, is celebrated as the first horror-genre Black Lesbian vampire novel. Her work has additionally appeared in numerous anthologies, including: “Luminescent Threads: Tribute to Octavia Butler,” “Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora,” “No Police=Know Future,” “Radical Hope,” “Blood Sisters,” “Oxford World Treasury of Love stories.” Recently, Jewelle has received the 2021 Horror Writers Association’s Legacy Award, and The Gilda Stories has been optioned by Cheryl Dunye (Lovecraft Country) for a Television mini-series. Her new collection of poetry, STILL WATER, will be published in June 2022.

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