Sailor Moon Rated R: The Promise of His Rosebud

April 1, 9pm EST

Screening followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker

68 min USA/Canada/France


Sailor Moon Rated R: The Promise of His Rosebud

Harjot Bal

63 min
USA / Canada

Sailor Moon is a post-2020 fandub of the iconic 90s anime Sailor Moon, rewritten as a dark comedy that focuses on issues related to queer folx, women, and people of colour. In this parody feature, Darien struggles to confront his repressed sexuality when a fierce childhood cuddle buddy named Fiore returns to unmask Darien’s tuxedo. Possessed by the sex-positive Kisenian Blossom, Fiore faces off against the Sailor Scouts in a petty battle over Darien’s “D”.

Harjot Bal is a multidisciplinary technology designer who has found his way into film and production through his love of writing. His passion for digital innovation and the arts has granted him the ability to tell fresh stories through unique mediums. He finds himself in constant search of creative outlets for social activism and education, as well as healing trauma through creativity and comedy. His work is powered by his own lived experience as a marginalized individual–specifically, through the intersectionality of being a queer person of colour.

Venus Retrograde

Valentin Noujaïm & Nicolas Medy

5 min

Midnight sharp. Two radio journalists host a dull cultural program. Lights are switched off. A gang of women invades the studio to broadcast a message: “One, two… One, two… This is a coup!” Venus Retrograde explores an erotic, queer coup d’etat through a campy aesthetic and futuristic themes.

Nicolas Medy Born in Paris, Nicolas Medy studied music and then photography before turning to video. In 2018 he directed his first short film, Soleils bruns. In 2021 he directed Nuit de Chine, Venus Retrograde (co-directed with Valentin Noujaïm), and collaborated on two clips with the group Mansfield.