Sailor Moon Scandalous – PSPSPS: I love you

Monday, March 25, 2023 | 6:30pm EST
Canada| 60 min.

In this follow up to his post-2020 parody fandub of the iconic 90s anime Sailor Moon presented last year at TQFF, Harjot Bal rewrites Sailor Moon as a dark comedy that satirizes issues related to queer folx, women, and people of colour. In this parody feature, created for marginalized people by marginalized people, Luna struggles to find meaning outside of her thankless job of managing the Sailor Scouts. Desperate to reclaim her “womanhood,” she falls head over paws in lust with a toxic man who is sabotaging his relationship with a renowned LatinX woman astronaut. Meanwhile, an icy villainess descends on Earth, unleashing harsh snowstorms fitting for a company Christmas party that will hopefully earn her a well-deserved promotion.

Please join us after the film for a live Q&A with the filmmaker.


Harjot Bal

is a multidisciplinary designer who has found his way into film and production through his love of writing. His passion for digital innovation and the arts has granted him the ability to tell fresh stories through unique mediums. He finds himself in constant search of creative outlets for social activism and education, as well as healing trauma through creativity and comedy. His work is powered by his own lived experience as a marginalized individual–specifically, through the intersectionality of being a queer person of colour.

60 min Canada

2023, Feature